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ProConnect Bands FAQ's

What is ProConnect?
The ProConnect band is made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone featuring the two exclusive holographic discs and ProConnnect's Proprietary Negative ion Infused silicon.  ProConnect manufactures Exclusivly Negative ion products. Negative Ions are found within Natural Sources of the earth and studies have shown many benefits from the application of negative ions.
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What can the ProConnect Band Do?
Scientists have studied Negative Ions and their effect on human health for more than 100 years. Some scientific studies around the world have suggested that exposure to Negative Ions may support your overall health. Many users report increased Balance, Flexibility and Energy levels. When your bodys natural energy is flowing freely you are able to perform at your optimal levels. Individual results may vary which is why we offer our exclusive no hassel return policy. Try one for yourself today!
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What Do ProConnect Users Say?
Many ProConnect fans around the world – from pro athletes to regular people – report having experienced excellent balance, strength and flexibility when wearing a ProConnect product. Most people can feel a difference immediately after putting on an ProConnect product. Individual results may vary. Try one for yourself today to decide if the band will work for you!
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What size should I order, And does the band need to be tight?
Please refer to our sizing chart by clicking on the link on the left hand side of the page. In general if you wrist measured tightly is over 7" around you should order the Large band, If you are 6.25" to 7" choose a Medium Band, If your wrist is smaller than 6.25" choose a Small band and anyone smaller should go with the Extra Small. ProConnect Bands do not need to be tight, really they can be worn as long as they are within 2" of your wrist or ankle. It is generally personal preference on if you like your ProConnect Band tight or loose. We highly recommend using the sizing chart provided.
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Will Wearing ProConnect Bands Make Me Stronger, More Balanced and Gain Greater Flexibility?
ProConnect Bands are not made to make anyone stronger, than they already are naturally, however by introducing Negative ions Proconnect Bands may allow you to perform to your optimal levels. If you do not enjoy your ProConnect band we offer a exclusive no hassel return policy.
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How long will the ProConnect Band last?
ProConnect Bands are backed by our exclusive 30 Day warranty. The holograms are made out of metallic material called Mylar. Each band is made of our exclusive medical grade silicone treated with negative ions.
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How many can I wear?
Many users and pro athletes enjoy wearing multiple bands at once. By increasing the level of negative ions some Proconnect users actually report a better overall feeling.
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Are ProConnect Bands Safe?
ProConnect Bands are not a drug or substance and nothing is being ingested or absorbed into the body. Should you have any pre-existing conditions you are concerned about consult a physician.
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Can the ProConnect Bands get Wet?
Yes, All ProConnect Bands are made with a High grade Dual layer silicone system. The band is safe to use in water and will not affect the overall function of the band.
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